Under Australian Law, Marriage is between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others voluntarily entered into for life.

I encourage you to choose your style of ceremony and the content of your ceremony. You will need to consider where you would like your marriage to take place and who will be involved in your ceremony as far as readings or poems etc and also the music to be played. I have a selection of readings and poems you might like to consider using to make the day even more special for you.

I can provide at no cost a public address system for use at the venue of the ceremony.
You might like to think about symbolic acts during your ceremony such as ribbons, candles, sand, or a ring blessing involving your invited guests.

If you have children, and parents you might like to include them in your unique and special ceremony.

A full rehearsal is included in my fee. I will provide and complete all the necessary documents for you to sign.

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I am available for you to contact me at any time to discuss your special needs

I am happy to be of service to people throughout South Australia including the Murraylands.
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First interview

    At our first interview, in order for the documents to be completed you both must provide the following documents:

  • If born in Australia an original birth certificate;
  • If born overseas an original birth certificate or passport;
  • If you have been married before the original divorce papers or death certificate must be provided.
These documents are required in order to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage Form. This must be completed 30 calendar days prior to the date of your marriage date. This can be lodged 18 months in advance.


I would request that there is no of alcohol prior to and during the ceremony. Drinks may be served during the signing of your documents bearing in mind that permission must be sought from the relevant council if it is at a public venue.

Arriving on the day

It would be greatly appreciated if you would arrive at the time you have specified as other professionals are involved in your day who may have other appointments to attend on the same day.

Important point to remember on the big day

Keep an umbrella handy in case it rains.
Have an alternative venue for holding the ceremony undercover or think about hiring a marquee suitable to the size of your wedding guests.
Council approval may be needed for public venues.


The ceremony should take approximately 20 minutes and will by law have to include the Monitum which is the legal spoken part of the marriage act giving my name and legal authority to carry out the marriage.

Repeat after the Celebrant the Marriage Vows/Commitment using the names shown on the birth certificates/passport during the ceremony.

The Bride must sign the marriage certificate with the same signature that was used on the Notice of Intended Marriage that is her maiden name or previous married name.

Two witnesses over the age of 18 must sign the marriage certificate.