The Commitment Ceremony generally contains the following …
  • Welcome to guests and the couple
  • Words about commitment in general are spoken
  • Words reflecting the couples relationship
  • The vows of affirmation for the couple to each other
  • The couple may choose to express their feelings towards each other and the meaning thereof

Music or readings

Poems about love can be read
Music with a special meaning to the couple is often used.

Exchange of rings or symbols of commitment

Words expressing the meaning of the rings or other symbols may be spoken by the couple.

Commitment Certificate

I will prepare along with your assistance a special certificate to commemorate this special day of your commitment to each other.

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of Vows

The Renewal of Vows is also known as a Re-affirmation Ceremony.

The Renewal of Vows can be carried out at any milestone of the marriage and children can be included in this ceremony.

Some couples choose to renew the vows they made at their marriage, while others may wish to reflect on the past and the hopes of the future hence writing their own words.

The Renewal of Vows ceremony can be formatted similar to their own marriage ceremony  or if they  choose they can write their own. I am willing to help them formulate a special ceremony if they so desire.

At this ceremony, you may like to invite people that were unable to come to your wedding or who have had an influence in your life since your wedding day.
If you so choose, a re-blessing of the rings can be made, or maybe a candle lighting ceremony for your future life together can be in cooperated.

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A Naming Ceremony is to announce to those we love the addition to our family.

A celebrant for your special naming ceremony is quite often a great occasion to get family and friends together to celebrate the birth of a child or the adoption of a child to your family. This ceremony is not a religious ceremony but can contain religious content such as a prayer/blessing, religious reading or poem. The parents may have special friends or family whom they would like to watch over their child as a mentor as the child grows up.

For a Naming Ceremony there are no legal requirements or set structure to follow therefore making it a unique and special time for the family and child. A Naming Ceremony can take place for a child at any age or stage in their life.

I will supply the child with a special certificate which can be signed by the parents and the child’s mentors.

I will help you make this a special day for your child and one you and your guests will also remember.

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The death of a loved one is always a time of reflection. It is a time of sadness and despair.

I would like to help you at this time to reflect on the passing of your loved one by sharing with you and those around you both the great times you had together as well as the loss you now feel with their passing.

A Life Celebration includes a brief history of your loved one from birth to their passing.  This history can include grandparents, parents, siblings and place of birth. Their childhood, school days and their youth, their career and their achievements throughout their life can be celebrated. Their involvement in the community including their marriage and family add to the beauty of the life they lead.

Any hobbies, personal interests, sporting achievements or activities can add a fulfilling dimension to their life. Any community involvement, including military and volunteer duties like CFS. SES, Red Cross, Rotary Lions etc demonstrates their commitment to life.

The typical eulogy is about 8 to 10 minutes in length and can involve family, friends, or part of their service community. A pictorial slideshow can take place during the reading of the eulogy adding a greater depth to the words.
The length of the funeral service depends on the number of guests but usually is about 30 minutes. In consultation with the Funeral Director, this time can be longer or shorter to suit you the bereaved.

A Life Celebration can be held in a chapel or at the graveside, or as a memorial at the time of the scattering of the ashes.

I will consult not only with you, but also with the Funeral Director of your choice.